Monday, January 17, 2011

Works in progress

Here are two thirds of each of your orders.  The stroller toys should be coming up in the next few days.  I work full time and my hubby is out of town right now, so free time is at a premium.  Hope you like what you see. (Sorry the picture is sideways.  I have no idea why it's doing that).

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Fabrics and ribbons

Thank you for bidding on my auction items!  I am so glad to be able to contribute something to help Shannon's family.  Below I've posted the pictures of the items that I make.  Your items have not been made yet, so you can choose everything!  I know I said a boy and a girl package, but really, you can choose whatever you like.   Have a look at what I make, and then I'll walk you through what I need to know to get started.  If you would just like me to choose for you, that's fine too.
Paci/toy strap: giraffe

Tag Blanket: White and Black fleece, blue plaid, blue bubble, red and giraffe ribbon
Stroller toy: stripe knit and black fleece back with matching ribbon
Stroller toy: Flower and white fleece, red daisy, blue plaid, pink stripe and Queen for the day ribbon
Pink Plaid paci / toy strap
Bow holder: teal back with brown and teal centre, pink stripe accent, butterfly bottom weight.

Info I need from you

Tag Blanket: 
1.Choose one fleece and one knit, or two fleece fabrics. and however many ribbon types you want (there will be 16 tags on your blanket).
2. Tell me what initial you would like and what ribbon you would like it made with.

Stroller toy:
1. Choose one fleece and one knit, or two fleece fabrics. 
2. Choose up to 6 ribbons.

Paci clip or Bow holder:
1. Choose your ribbon(s)

If you choose the bow holder, let me know if you like the butterfly, or if there's something else you'd like to see.  I need to head to the craft store for that, so I can look for something more personalized.
 Your shipping address.  
green stars

Yellow with dots, Owls, Monkeys, Dinosaurs

Knits Top to bottom: Stripes, birds, blue/white animals, coloured animals
(I these fabrics are brand new gagou tagou receiving blankets that I just took out of the package for this picture.  Forgive the wrinkles).

Fleece: Purple flower, bears, white, purple, black

L to R: Giraffe (Very limited), pink plaid, blue plaid (sold out), red, blue flower, black flower, red flower, blue bubble(Sold out), pink stripe(Sold out), red daisy(sold out), "Queen for the day", "That's what friends are for", Brown and teal, Wide teal (bow hold only)
Black and white, Brown with teal dots, Red with white dots, Orange animal, Purple.