Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Sleep when the baby sleeps?

Sleep is a hot commodity.  Getting reading for my baby's arrival I knew I wouldn't be getting the 8 hours a night that I was used to.  I knew I wouldn't be sleeping in, or staying in bed in the morning to enjoy a book and a cup of tea.  I knew that I wouldn't be sleeping though the night.  Ok, so pregnancy did a good job of preparing me for that by getting me up every few hours to use the bathroom.  Baby arrived and the disturbed nights got worse.  That's ok!  I was prepared for this!  Sleep when the baby sleeps...that's what everyone told me.  Sleep when the baby it!

This worked out great for the first week while my husband was home from work.  He cooked, he cleaned, he shopped, he bounced (the baby).  I figure I can do this!  I can get my sleep!  I don't need to have dark circles under my eyes!   Then hubby went back to work....

Sleep when the baby sleeps... ok, I can ignore the dishes.   Sleep when the baby sleeps... do we really need milk?  Sleep when the baby sleeps... I don't need to check my e-mail.   Sleep when the baby sleeps... I don't need a shower.  Whoa...wait a minute.  How long can I go between showers?  When was my last shower? 

Sleep when the baby sleeps is wonderful advice once in a while when you're so burnt out that you can't think straight.  Unfortunately, if you always sleep when the baby sleeps nothing will ever get done!   

Some real advice?  Sleep when you really need it,  clean when the house is gross, and be sure to take a little time for you every day.   Have a shower, drink a cup of coffee, read a magazine.  You will always be tired, and the hour of sleep you'd get when the baby naps will only refresh you so much. I feel like a better mommy when I take that hour for myself.  You really do get used to not sleeping so much!

That's what this New Mama Thinks..

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