Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Umbrella Stroller -- The search, the find, the review...

So, I love my full size stroller, but I really wanted something lightweight that wouldn't take up my entire trunk.

I looked at umbrella strollers for months before I chose the Guzzie + Guss 104. I took a gamble on it since I really couldn't find any reviews of it at the time, and I had to drive over an hour to even have a look at it since it isn't sold in my town, but it had so many features that I love I just needed to see it.  It really is a full-featured stroller in a compact size.

Features:  5 point harness, great weight range for the child (max weight 53 lbs.), very lightweight (13.5 lbs), handle height is comfortable for my 6'2" husband, AMAZING canopy with a peak-a-boo window (the picture above is only the first extension, it opens further), rain cover, decent size basket for an umbrella stroller, folds up pretty small for a full featured stroller (there it is in my front hall closet), it has both a shoulder strap and a carry handle, and it reclines flat with many possible positions in between. 
It drives like a dream on hard surfaces, but is pretty bumpy on grass. Definitely not an off-roading stroller.

The only things I don't love about it, the recline takes two hands and you need to bend right over to do it (I'm used to my fully size stroller's easy one-handed recline), and the brake pedal is made of a plastic that feels a little lightweight, and while it hasn't been a problem, I still worry about it breaking.

It's quite costly for a second stroller at $200 +, but so long as it survives to give my next kid a ride, it will be completely worth the price.

Bonus: It's Canadian!

New Mama Thinks...


  1. I love the cup holders on our Graco stroller, but am about to start using the umbrella stroller for the same reason. It's SOOOOOO much lighter and less bulky!!

  2. Seriously thinking about buying this stroller, down to this or Uppababy G-luxe, but i wanted to know, is it easy to close and open? Do you need to use 2 hands?

  3. Considering buying this stroller... Would you still recommend it? How has it held up?